1. patio

    In the secret backyard, there is light, hidden from the seeking eyes of the pedestrians. A whole world on its own. Plants are wandering on walls anonymously and silent. Humans pass through, fast on speechless feet. Bodies, soil, stones and scrubs mate and become one shape, a surreal form. The sun stands high, sometimes she is hard and digs deep dark shadows, sometimes she is soft and reveals every nuance of the skin. The walls are broken, old, forgotten. Plants are eating them, but never digest. And those walls will break more and those plants are hungry. One day all will be a memory, the only one that will remember is the carnivorous flora.

    Tabita Hub found a backyard, mysterious in its own cosmos. Patio is a foresight of what might be when humans are just gone, the beginning of the disappearing.

    Berlin / Germany