1. handprint on baryt, 24x30 cm

  2. silhouette kuori

    The umbra, the darkest part of Earth's shadow, crosses the moon. Devoured and left bloodied. This elemental act, bound to the natural order of things, can also seem like a spell whispered in devotion or an entire life cycle passing before our eyes.

    In one celestial moment we are simultaneously enlightened and left obscured.

    These detailed images contain fragments of life that reflect and penetrate nature and time in all their elusive wonder. They are observed and displayed with precision and distinct care, as perhaps one might prepare a loved one for burial.

    Each process carried out with dignity and reverence. The flesh gently sponged. The hair trimmed and arranged. The body posed in freshly laundered clothes. Ready for the mystery to be illuminated.

    ~ Richie Setford for Silhouette Kuori

    Berlin, Munich, Landsberg am Lech / Germany
    Prague / Czech Republic
    Travesio / Italy
    Faro / Portugal

    2015 - 2022